Now that we're all officially closer to 2020 than we are the beginning of 2010, it's time to start looking for the music of the future. While it's true that, 20 years ago, we all figured everything would sound (and look) like Daft Punk by now, most musicians still play actual instruments and look like humans.

And now that the holidays are behind us, too, the floodgates have opened for new song streams ahead of this year's upcoming releases. What's that? You don't know what's coming out this year? Luckily, we've got a handy list of the 100 Most Anticipated Albums of 2015. But you should definitely check out a primer of the week that was first:


'Annihilation Affair' from 'Restarter'

It's completely plausible that no song has ever been more aptly titled (except maybe 'Happy Birthday'). Miami sludge metal masters Torche are set to return with their fourth album -- and first for Relapse Records -- on Feb. 24, and the just-released single, 'Annihilation Affair,' sounds a lot like you'd imagine being obliterated by a wall of distortion would.


'Send Me Home' from 'Big Dark Love'

The worst day of your life just got a new soundtrack -- but in the best possible way. 'Send Me Home,' the second song Murder By Death have shared from their upcoming full-length, 'Big Dark Love,' pairs a mournful melody and woefully downtrodden lyrics with the indie outfit's cinematic, cello-tinged sound, all crashing into a sweeping (but strangely uplifting) crescendo.


'Setting Sun' from 'I Wasn't Born to Lose You'

If Swervedriver had revealed just a few days earlier that they would release their first album in 17 years this March, they surely would've wound up in our list of most anticipated albums. The British shoegaze outfit -- who released four records between 1989 and 1998 before going on a 10-year hiatus -- have scattered a few new songs since their return, but 'Setting Sun' makes it feel like 1993 all over again.


'A Storm is Coming' from 'Let it Reign'

While you might have your hopes set on hearing that long-awaited Libertines reunion album, co-frontman Carl Barat is doing his best to fill that void in the meantime. 'Let it Reign' marks his debut with his side-band, the Jackals -- a group he recruited via online ads during an extended stay in Los Angeles. The new single, 'A Storm is Coming,' is exactly what you'd hope: raucous, rollicking and rough around the edges.


'Silhouettes' from 'Viet Cong'

If Viet Cong frontman Matt Flegel's vocal line in 'Silhouettes' evokes Warren Zevon's 'Werewolves in London' a little bit, but he says there's a good reason for that: He told Fader he wrote the song after being severely electrocuted during a show. "Being partially deaf at the time is the only excuse I can offer," he said. Still, if this is what the indie outfit can do when Flegel can't hear, imagine what they're capable of when he can.

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