We're already looking forward to what's in store for the future, but Marina and the Diamonds have decided to get retrospective in their new music video for 'Immortal.'

In the video, the Welsh singer is dressed in a white pant suit and singing in the middle of a warehouse-like space with nothing but a projector showing clips of different videos. From a family celebrating New Year's to old home videos of children playing, the video looks at the circle of life and the various special moments we experience.

Along with the music video, Marina and the Diamonds shared the lyrics for 'Immortal' on their website.

This is the third installment of Marina's 'Froot of the Month,' where she shares one new track each month leading up to the release of her album, 'Froot,' in the spring. When fans pre-order the record, they will be able to receive 'Other Froots' to download a month until the full LP is out.

'Froot' will hit the streets on April 6 via Atlantic records.