To promote a new line of their famous Chuck Taylor sneakers that are available exclusively at Journeys stores, Converse have gotten Mark Foster of Foster the People, Kimbra (of Gotye fame) and DJ A-Trak to collaborate on a new song and video, 'Warriors.'

The video takes place in a Mexican wrestling tournament held in a warehouse. Foster is given a luchador mask and unwillingly thrown into the ring. He proceeds to get thrown about the squared circle to the delight of the crowd, the greedy, obese kingpin overseeing the proceedings and, presumably, most of the viewers of the video.

However, despite being about 100 pounds lighter than his opponents and dressed in business casual attire, Foster not only manages to not be killed, but he somehow wins his match and advance in the tournament. A-Trak receives a similar fortune, and the two are eventually paired up for a tag team match, which they win.

Throughout the whole process, Kimbra ringside singing with a mariachi band, even though the synth-heavy track has no Mexican influences whatsover, with her hands tied together. Following the tag team victory, A-Trak throws the kingpin into the ring while Foster releases Kimbra, who puts on a mask and puts a whoop-ass session on him. The trio leave the warehouse victoriously.

'Warrior' is the latest installment in Converse's "Three Artists, One Song" series, which has recently seen Gorillaz, James Murphy and Andre 3000 record  ‘DoYaThing.’ 'Warrior' can be downloaded from Journeys' website.

Watch the Video for 'Warrior'

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