-- Happy birthday to Mark Ronson, who turns 36 today. The DJ/uber-producer has put out more than his share of stellar videos, and our friends at Death + Taxes are celebrating his big day with their list of his five all-time best. They aren't numbered, but the hilarious 'Bang! Bang! Bang!' clip -- which has always been our fave -- just so happens to be at the top of the tally. [Death + Taxes]

-- As if they aren't odd enough already, Of Montreal are releasing the odds-and-ends collection 'Daughter of Cloud' on Oct. 23, and right now you can preview the track titled "Sails, Hermaphroditic.' [Spin.com]

-- Does the fact that Guns N' Roses once owned a dryer imply that they also once washed their clothes? Either way, the Kenmore electric dryer is one of 21 items Axl Rose and the boys currently have up for eBay auction “to make room for new stuff." Like what ... a new dryer?!  [Ultimate Classic Rock]

-- Of Monsters and Men's 'Little Talks' video recently was nominated in the Art Direction category for the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, but the Icelandic rockers can't attend Thursday's ceremony, so they have a special plan up their sleeves in case they win. "We will be in Europe but we will send holograms of ourselves," says drummer Arnar Rósenkranz Hilmarsson. [Spinner]

-- Counting Crows will continue touring behind their 'Underwater Sunshine' covers album this fall, and they've just announced dates for a U.S. headlining tour that runs through a Nov. 24 gig in Los Angeles. Singer Adam Duritz promises it's "going to be a hell of a ride!" [jambands.com]

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