Criticize another artist's instincts in public, and you'd better be prepared to receive the same treatment in kind — as Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney is currently once again learning the hard way.

Carney, whose outspoken nature has previously provoked the ire of Jack White and Justin Bieber fans, landed in his latest hot water as a result of "Patrick Carney's High Music Standards Corner," a segment taped for the HBO series Vice News Tonight. As Pitchfork reported, Carney had some choice words for the latest Lady Gaga single, "Perfect Illusion," quipping that it "sounds like Hulk Hogan is playing the f---ing guitar."

Going on to relate the time he talked music with Hogan, who shared his memories of the years he spent — in Carney's words — "playing a fretless bass in a prog band or something," Carney admitted that after spending a little time with "Perfect Illusion," he was warming up to it. "That’s one of those things," he added. "That’s the thing about music: The more you hear something, the more you like it. That’s why payola worked."

Carney's backhanded compliment wasn't enough to keep Gaga from taking to Twitter to respond. Referencing Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Josh Homme, who played on "Perfect Illusion" and whose contributions Carney (perhaps unwittingly) derided as "s---ty," Gaga told followers that Carney's review wasn't as savage as the one she'd doubtless turn in if he agreed to a guitar face-off with Homme.

Producer Mark Ronson, meanwhile, also felt moved to weigh in — taking a jab at Carney for the time he allegedly told Ronson that his (recently diamond-certified) single "Uptown Funk" would never be a hit.

Given that Carney has traded public barbs with rock legend Steve Miller, it's probably no surprise that he wasn't cowed by Gaga and Ronson's harsh words. In response to their comments, he fired back with a video of Hogan's musical stylings, saying they needed to "lighten up and listen up."

Hulk Hogan could not be reached for comment.

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