The 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London are soon to come, and official sponsor Coca-Cola has tapped Mark Ronson to create a theme song for the event. Scroll down to see Ronson use athletes to create the song with help from fellow U.K. artist Katy B.

Rolling Stone premiered the clip in which Ronson got very creative when recording the instrumental track for 'Anywhere in the World.' The producer recorded Olympic athletes from around the world, including Mexican Taekwondo competitor Maria del Rosario Espinoza's padded punches, Russian runner Kseniya Olegovna Vdovina’s heartbeat, British table tennis player Darius Knight's grunts and balls bouncing off the table and more. Katy B adds her vocals while Ronson orchestrates everything from the stage.

The video also displays various people across the globe having a good time and dancing to the song. The crowd watching the performers transforms the night into one big dance party. Jamaican track superstar Usain Bolt even makes a brief cameo in the clip.

"Sport is music in the way that it has so many different natural rhythms," says Ronson. "When I was recording the athletes, I wasn’t really thinking of them in terms of athletes performing a sport. I was thinking of them as people in an orchestra."

Watch the Mark Ronson 'Anywhere in the World' Video

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