Mark Trehus owns and operates one of the best record stores in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, Treehouse Records. Originally called Oar Folkjokeopus, the shop first opened its doors in 1973 -- and has often been cited as one of the reasons famed label Twin/Tone Record was able to exist and produce the talent it did (like the Replacements and the Suburbs, just to name a couple -- and we'll save the story of Twin/Tone for another day).

Now in 2014, Trehus runs the store in the same location it has always been: at the corner of Lyndale and 26th Street in Minneapolis.

In addition to making Treehouse Records one of the top vinyl stops in the Midwest -- and personally amassing an envious collection of LPs and 45s -- Trehus is also the wax “expert” for Minneapolis’ daily newspaper, the Star Tribune. Today (Oct. 27), he wrote a fascinating piece entitled, ‘Black gold: Minnesota’s 10 most valuable vinyl records of all time.’

Acknowledging the current resurgence in vinyl, Trehus assures readers that the “real money is in vintage rarities” that might be hiding in your closet. So, he went digging -- and he curated a list of some of the “best, rarest and most valuable Minnesota records of all time.”

10. Damin Eih, A.L.K. & Brother Clark -- ‘Never Mind’ (LP, $500)
9. Jack & the Knights -- ‘Rock the Blues Away’ (7-inch, $500)
8. The Wisdoms -- ‘Lost In Dreams’ b/w ‘Two Hearts Make One Love’ (7-inch, $600)
7. The Litter -- ‘Distortions’ (LP, $600)
6. Wanda Davis -- ‘Save Me’ (7-inch, $600)
5. The Valquins -- ‘Falling Star’ (7-inch, $600)
4. The Electras -- ‘Action Woman’ (7-inch, $750)
3. The Sonics -- ‘Marlene’ b/w ‘Minus One Blast Off’ (7-inch, $800)
2. CA Quintet -- ‘Trip Thru Hell’ (LP, $1,500)
1. Bob Dylan -- ‘The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan’ (LP, recalled edition, $7,500)

Read the entire feature -- including Trehus' personal thoughts on each selection -- at the Star Tribune’s site.

Treehouse Records -- Minneapolis

Chuck Armstrong, Diffuser
Chuck Armstrong, Diffuser
Chuck Armstrong, Diffuser