From their home recordings right down to their live performances, Mary Goes Wild strive for simplicity in their music. That's also true in terms of instrumentation, as Danny and Freddy Wild bash away with just guitar, drums and vocals.

Founded in 2012 and hailing from Munich, Germany, the duo takes pride in their work methods, which largely consist of drinking beer, tinkering with GarageBand and not overthinking the process. This led to their 2013 debut EP, ‘Next Time, Analog,' and since then, they’ve continued to write new material and develop a sound they describe as lo-fi garage rock.

Whatever you call it, it derives from multiple influences, and that's clear in today's free MP3 download, ‘To the Shore.’ Musically, it's a cross between the Black Keys’ Midwestern blues-rock and Best Coast’s California surf, though the lyrics may owe more to the latter.

“People often find themselves wishing to escape from everyday constraints and dreaming of a carefree life somewhere far away," Danny told
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