Massive Attack songwriter and producer Neil Davidge will be providing the score for 'Halo 4.' The scoop was revealed on this week. Davidge brought together a 16-person choir, a group of female Bulgarian vocalists, and a 50-piece orchestra to create the music.

"Music has always been at the heart of what makes Halo so captivating and iconic," he said in a press release. "With Halo 4, we want to build upon the franchise’s amazing legacy and create a score that captures the awe and wonder of the Halo universe, and reinforces the deeper and more emotionally impactful journey Master Chief will embark on.”

Davidge spoke with MTV's Multiplayer Blog about the difference between creating standard music and game music: "When you write a piece for an album it's typically three to five minutes long and it has a definite thread that runs through it. With a video game, you aren't writing with traditional structures. Pieces of music must give you a sense of the environment, a sense of your emotional perspective of that time, but must also allow the game player to be heroic one moment and the next moment finding safety or running away."

The composer added,"I really hope fans of Halo are going to enjoy this game as much as they've enjoyed previous games. I want this to be the best video game ever. I really people have fun playing it."

Davidge has worked with Massive Attack since 1996, helping to produce albums like 'Mezzanine,' 'Collected,' '100th Window,' and 'Heligoland.'

Watch the MTV Interview with Neil Davidge