You may have heard of Mavis Staples via Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, a personal friend and fan of the soul singer, who helped her to preserve her legacy by releasing the last-ever recordings that her father Pops Staples had made.

Or you might've heard of her because she's legendary, simple as that.

Regardless, she has announced a brand-new four-track EP, Your Good Fortune, that is due out April 21 via Anti-.

Today (March 25), the singer has released her new EP's first track, "Your Good Fortune," which you can listen to below. The song was written specifically for Staples by Son Little, who also produced the EP. He also wrote the track "Fight" which will appear on the release.

In a press release, Staples stated, "I’m always excited to do new songs and this young man wrote two just for me. Seemed like we were a team made in heaven. He writes from his heart; he's a great singer who sings from his heart, and he reached my heart. I'm so glad we got to work together.”

The other two songs appearing on the EP include Blind Lemon Jefferson's "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean" and "Wish I Had Answered," a soulful gospel song.

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