Dale Crover, the drummer for the Melvins who spent part of 1988 in Nirvana, is releasing a limited-edition vinyl-only solo album called Skins. But here's the catch: Its 12 songs only total about five minutes of music, and it has 12 sides.

This isn't like a Dungeons & Dragons die, but rather a 10-inch piece of clear vinyl that has six spindle holes that, when placed on a turntable, correspond to a different song. The label, Joyful Noise Recordings, has created an instructional video that shows how to play the 12-sided record, which is embedded above.

As the press release says, "This unique format required Crover to work within a highly constraining framework, creating individual pieces of music that almost mimic haikus." Crover is working on a full-length album that will be available at some point in 2017.

Skins was designed by Mike Dixon, a lathe-master known for turning records into objects of art, who hand-cut all 127 copies of Skins using a 1942 Presto 6N record lathe. Crover also personally signed every copy. The record costs $100 and, while they acknowledge the folly of such a price for so little music, the uniqueness of the record and craft involved in creating it are factored into the price. Besides, the press release continues, "in the not-too-distant future this record will be sold on Ebay for a far more obscene amount of money."

Dale Crover, 'Skins' Track Listing:

1. "Slide On Up"
2. "The Short Con"
3. "Our Supreme Leader"
4. "String Bean"
5. "Why Not?"
6. "Prismo"
7. "Trick Dirt"
8. "Chicken Ala King"
9. "Vulnavia"
10. "None No More"
11. "Horse Pills"
12. "Just Walk Around"

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