Men of North Country has been described as "Israel’s finest soul outfit." The seven-member group, led by Yashiv Cohen, has just signed to Acid Jazz records and released their first 7" single. Check out the tune 'People of Tomorrow' below.

"'People of Tomorrow' is a dark, anthemic lament on the deterioration of today's society," says band leader Yashiv Cohen. "But who are these people of tomorrow? Well, to start, they're much smarter than us. They listen to the Prisoners and Duane Eddy and watch old James Bond movies. They wear their hearts on their fine tailored sleeves and bleed for no one but each other, and we do sincerely hope that they break free and stop this train … 'cause we're a wreck."

See? Told you these guys got soul. Grab 'People of Tomorrow' below.

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