'Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance' puts gamers back in the shoes of Raiden -- the katana-wielding ally of series mainstay Solid Snake -- and Depeche Mode play the role of hype men in a new trailer. The veteran synthpop legends offer up the song 'Wrong' from their last album, 2009's 'Sounds of the Universe,' for the big unveil. Nothing like a downtrodden, minor key anthem of apathy to provide the soundtrack to the latest installment in such an iconic series of video games.

The Depeche Mode song is featured in a three-minute-plus trailer that has gamers excited for 2013, when 'Revengeance' will finally come out. The game puts the player at the center of the action, controlling Raiden as he slices and dices up enemies (he can only use daggers, swords and other blades) and even pulls off the cool trick of blocking bullets with his weapons.

The actual plot of the gameplay has not been revealed, but it seems to play out as Raiden is a lone warrior following the bushido samurai code as he takes on toughies from various private military companies on his quest for ... sanity in this crazy world? Whatever it is, it takes lots of blood and gore to accomplish.

Hear Depeche Mode's 'Wrong' in the 'Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance' E3 2012 Trailer