'Matangi,' M.I.A.'s new album, is expected to be released by December. But that hasn't stopped the singer from dropping a few hints about it to her more-than 451,000 followers on Twitter.

Earlier this week, she tweeted, "if you want to know about LP = ask me questions and ill choose 10 to answer." Questions ranged from the number of tracks (somewhere between 5 and 15) to whether or not a parrot will be rapping on it (only if they can agree on financial terms) to the edibility of the album (a definite "YES").

OK, so this wasn't the most in-depth discussion of an upcoming album that we've ever read. However, she did say that there would be no collaborations and that she was going to have David Guetta, whom she called "David Forguetta Boutit," remix every song on the album.

But the biggest piece of news she gave was in her sign-off tweet when she said that the album would be released along with a book, documentary and an art exhibition. We knew about the memoir, but the film and art exhibit have now peaked our curiosity.

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