We've been using R&B star Miguel's 'Adorn' to set the mood for all kinds of things for more than a year now. In Motorola's Moto X 'Lazy Phone' commercial, the hit song helps set an entirely different kinda mood for a massage.

In the ad, Perry gives his woman a rubdown while a bearded dude lies on the bed next to her. Perry asks the guy to set the mood with some romantic music by Miguel on his smartphone. "You gotta touch me first," says the bearded one as he exposes his bulging belly. "You know the rules: No touchy, no Miguely."

When Perry can't find the "music app" on Beardo's stomach -- even after he invites Perry to touch lower -- the hairy dude helpfully offers to sing Miguel's hit single. Which he does. Terribly. So the woman tells her phone to play Miguel, and 'Adorn' is cued up, finally setting the desired mood. "It's not you. It's your lazy phone," the ad declares, driving home the commercial's point: Your smartphone is making you do all the work; Moto X's touchless control works for you, "even when your hands are full."

It's a funny spot, taking advantage of both the phone's hands-free controls and Miguel's bedroom mood-making music. It's also pretty smart: Miguel's music stretches beyond R&B and pop's usual boundaries, drawing in indie-rock fans with his adventurous paths -- much like fellow alternative soul man Frank Ocean has done with his music. The hirsute hipster would probably be more than familiar with Miguel's most popular song.

The clip's end gag -- about a text message from another woman -- feels a bit forced, but the iPhone slam hits hard. "No need to press, tap or wave to get it to your music to play," says a voiceover. And with a shaggy bearded guy representing one of those other smartphones, there's no way we're gonna press or tap anything.