The train of weird that is Miley Cyrus and the Flaming Lips’ collaborative album Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz continues to roll on down the line, and the latest addition is a music video for “BB Talk.”

The song is interspersed with Cyrus' narration, which lays out her displeasure with a partner who's overly affectionate and has a tendency toward baby talk. For the MC and Diamond Martel-directed clip, Cyrus is determined to make sure the message resonates, and she sure accomplishes that by dressing up like a full-grown baby -- pacifier and all. Check it out above. (Warning: You will never unsee this.)

Cyrus surprise-released Dead Petz back in August at the tail-end of the MTV VMAs for which she was the host. Cyrus, Wayne Coyne and the whole gang have been on tour behind the album, and they only have a couple more dates to go. They’ll play a show in Vancouver on Dec. 14 followed by a gig in L.A. on Dec. 19. Get more details and ticket information at the singer’s website.

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