With their eighth studio album, True Brew, recently hitting the streets in the U.S., Swedish punk rockers Millencolin have unleashed a kooky new music video for "Bring Me Home," featuring the Millencolin bird. You can check out the clip above.

In the video, the bird mascot does not seem too happy in his endeavors, travelling from town to town, appearing dejected, alone, with nothing but his skateboard. The band's guitarist, Erik Ohlsson, who created the video, explained the bird, stating, “The Millencolin bird has been with us all along in our artwork, symbolizing the melancholy side of the band. He is an angry and misunderstood fellow. We finally brought him to life and are bringing him home!”

True Brew was self-recorded by the band and produced by vocalist/bassist Nikola Sarcevic with guitarist Mathias Färm at Soundlab Studios. Mixing was done by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios and all artwork and photography was created by Ohlsson himself. It's available now via Epitaph Records. Check out Diffuser's exclusive interview with the band's drummer, Fredrik Larzon, right here.