A few hours ago, Modest Mouse posted their first and only Instagram photo, which could be a clue toward their first output in five years. The lone Instagram submission depicts a record with the handwritten title "'Side A 'Lampshades On Fire.'" Check out the post below.

Optimists out there might be crossing their fingers for a brand-new LP from the band right about now, and if their wishes were granted, it’d be the first since Modest Mouse’s 2009 album, ‘We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank.’

Though Modest Mouse haven't released an album since ‘We Were Dead,’ they did release the EP, 'No One's First and You're Next,' in 2009, which featured a couple of new tracks -- and they've played several unreleased songs in concert, including one sharing the name boasted in the Instagram photo. Take a listen to a 2011 recording of the tune in the video above.

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