Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock makes his home in Portland, Ore., but it seems like he's not too excited about it: In an interview with Polish website Onet, he went on a tirade against the city, which he said is full of "human turds."

"I didn’t mean to live in Portland," he said. "It was kind of an accident — I mean, the equivalent of my car breaking down there and me being like, well… I guess this is what I’m doing. I just can’t find a better alternate."

He isn't all that happy with the vagrants and violence, either. "Portland is weird, but it’s kind of a crappy weird. It is the most vagrant-ridden [city] — it’s really f----n’ up my liberal mind. I’m just like, what a collection of human turds," said Brock. "Two people died. This is within 300 feet of my house. It’s just a constant s--tshow of fights. And that’s just Portland keeping itself weird."

And he isn't into that slogan about keeping weird. "It’s a cool city. But a lot of the keeping itself weird is actually just allowing people to be complete pieces of shit. And that’s exhausting."

It seems now like Brock's cameo on the IFC show Portlandia meant nothing to him. Watch the interview below, although it's certainly not for faint-of-heart Portland residents.

Isaac Brock Interview in Poland

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