A week after dropping a sorta bizarre promo video for his upcoming album, Morrissey is at it again. And the two-minute clip for 'The Bullfighter Dies' takes a similar approach, with Moz reciting the song's lyrics as light jazz plays in the background.

With 'World Peace Is None of Your Business' due on July 15, Morrissey is ramping up to its release. The short promo video for the album's title track consisted of the singer in a tux, Nancy Sinatra and a briefcase full of flowers.

'The Bullfighter Dies' is the same sorta thing. He once again is in a tux, and there's some jazz trumpet accompanying his recitation of the lyrics. You can watch the new video for the song, which applauds the bloody death of a heartless matador, above.

UPDATE: The video is no longer available.

There's also another one of these videos, for 'Istanbul,' over at Rolling Stone. And here's the promo video for 'World Peace Is None of Your Business':