As we all know by now, Morrissey is nearly unparalleled in the world of music (and maybe the world in general) when it comes to giving criticism to others. But he's not so great at accepting it.

Just a few days after blasting his own record label for not promoting his new album, 'World Peace Is None of Your Business' and lashing out at the U.N. for never prosecuting George W. Bush or Tony Blair, Moz told Hot Press it doesn't do any good to badmouth his 2013 autobiography.

"It’s really just a factual account of how events affected me, so therefore any criticism of it doesn’t make any sense," he said. "Since I am me, and only I can know what it’s like to be me, and so on.”

Morrissey also provided a glimpse into his process for penning the book. "I wrote the childhood sequence almost as a child might," he said. "And the adolescent period as an adolescent might, and the adult section as a … suicidalist might."

Maybe all this is just a way to cope with his actual problems -- like the fact that his former bodyguard is suing him for alleged breach of contract because he claims Morrissey fired him for refusing to assault the guy behind a controversial fan site.

Here's one of the several weird spoken word videos Moz has released in support of 'World Peace.'