A day after Morrissey released another spoken-word promo video for his upcoming album, the mopey singer has unveiled a full song from the record.

For the past three weeks, the former Smiths frontman has given us short video clips featuring himself reciting lyrics to some of his upcoming album's songs while unlikely pals like Nancy Sinatra and Pamela Anderson drop by with props.

Yesterday, we got the promo for 'Earth Is the Loneliest Planet.' Today we got the whole song. You can listen to it below (via Spotify):

The song itself features acoustic guitars, rolling percussion and Morrissey's typically bitter outlook toward the rest of mankind ("Earth is the cruelest place you will never understand," he sings). It's an early taste of 'World Peace Is None of Your Business,' which comes out on July 17.

It marks Morrissey's first album in five years, since 2009's underwhelming 'Years of Refusal' kinda petered out without much fanfare. The crabby singer is amping up the promotional push for 'World Peace' with the various promo spots, a tour and a call to someone, anyone, to buy his old songs' publishing rights.

Now that he has a song out there making the rounds, we'll see if all this helps sales any. We're pretty sure Morrissey won't be hitting Twitter anytime soon to talk about the album. Give 'Earth Is the Loneliest Planet' a spin and see what's in store.

Or if you'd rather hear Morrissey just recite some lyrics from the song while he hangs out with the Smashing Pumpkins' new drummer's old sex partner, there's this: