As if single pneumonia wouldn't be tough enough to deal with! As was previously reported, Morrissey was forced to table shows this weekend due to illness, and now it's been revealed that he's suffering from double pneumonia, which means both of his lungs are infected. Moz has been hospitalized in San Francisco, and despite the diagnosis, he plans to headline the Vive Latino Festival in Mexico City on March 14.

The former Smiths singer is nothing if adamant about not wanting to cancel touring plans altogether due to his ongoing health concerns.

According to the official statement about his condition, his planned show at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco has been moved to May 1.

Moz's health has been an issue for the past few months, and he previously canceled a string of dates due to a bleeding ulcer and Barrett's esophagus. He subsequently rescheduled shows and even added to his itinerary, suggesting he wants to tough it out on the road and play for the pompadoured faithful, but we can't help but wonder if ol' Mozzer needs to slow down and address his health first, then think about work.

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