This much we know: Morrissey enjoys Richard Attenborough, Lauren Bacall, the Ramones and posting curmudgeonly rants online, but he doesn't seem all that fond of much else.

In yet another controversial post on his fan site of choice, True to You, the former Smiths frontman eulogizes the late British actor and director Attenborough (who died earlier this week) and the late actress Bacall (who died Aug. 12) but, in the process, Morrissey manages to disparage the late Robin Williams -- who died the day before Bacall.

Morrissey writes:

“I was thrilled beyond words to have met Richard Attenborough, who, of course, played Pinkie in Brighton Rock (1947), a central theme of my song Now my heart is full. When I met Sir Richard he was delightful, and I asked him if Brighton Rock seemed like a hundred years ago. He replied ’Oh, much more than that…’.

I also had the extraordinary pleasure of meeting the recently deceased Lauren Bacall … so beautiful, so cautious … and so sad that her death was overshadowed by that of Robin Williams. It was Lauren, not Robin, who changed motion picture history. Yet modern media has an odd way of forgetting the more senior servers of the arts. Dora Bryan, whom I knew personally in the late 80s, and who also died in recent weeks, had pitifully slim attention from the British news media, yet her talents were a treasured staple of British life throughout the 1950s, 1960s and beyond. Dora had agreed to introduce the Smiths onstage at the London Palladium in 1986, but at the last minute her agent asked for a fee which we, the Smiths, just couldn’t afford.

However, in our X-factory society, it seems that anyone who has NOT appeared on Big Brother just isn’t worth remembering by the British media … alas.”

Meanwhile, Morrissey is also distracting himself from the current melodrama surrounding his fracas with his record label by reportedly overseeing an upcoming Ramones compilation.

In another post on True to You, Moz is said to have compiled the tracklisting for a forthcoming 'Best of the Ramones' album that will be released by Sire-Rhino.  Morrissey also chose the artwork, which can be seen below. The statement reads, “Morrissey is thankful to the Ramones management for this invitation."


'The Best of the Ramones' would be the first release since drummer Tommy Ramone, the last surviving founding member of the legendary punk outfit, died in July. No release date has been set.