Picture yourself blacking out, then waking up in the middle of a field with no coat. And it's January. In Minnesota. Judging by the orientation of the tiny orbs floating in the distance that seem to be streetlights, you are really far from home. If you had time to be pissed before one of your appendages turned black and fell off, you would be. But you don't. Now you know what it's like to experience five-piece Minneapolis hardcore band Mourner.

Mourner has been active roughly five years, and they bring us their best material to date with 'The Rising End,' via Brooklyn-based label Low Existence Records. This highly anticipated full-length sees the group head in a darker, more metal-influenced direction than their previous work, and it will definitely open doors for them in aggressive-music circles outside of those that have supported them up until now.

Frontman Jim Adolphson tells Diffuser.fm that the first single, 'Darkest of Dreams,' which features Wolvhammer's Adam Clemans on guest vocals, "is an account of events occurring in dreams while experimenting with hallucinogens.'

We can't say we're surprised. Snag your copy of 'Darkest Of Dreams' below.

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