Mumford and Sons may be the bigger act, but powerful teen vocalist Birdy is the star of 'Learn Me Right.'

The singer started garnering attention earlier this year with her self-titled debut album, which largely saw her taking on indie covers from acts like Bon Iver, the xx and Phoenix. On 'Learn Me Right,' the 16-year-old has just the right pitch to go along with the Scottish folk-inspired track.

The song is attached to the upcoming Disney/Pixar animated film 'Brave,' which centers on a young girl's battle to fulfill her destiny and keep her family's royal leadership intact. With that in mind, the key chorus, "We'll fulfill our dreams and we'll be free" strikes a chord with the listener.

As for Mumford and Sons, the band does solid work in mostly backing the young singer. The things we have come to love in the past few years -- the banjo, guitar, bass, and string play of the band -- really drive the track home, and Mumford get an assist from a backing orchestra. Though the group hails from England, they do justice in adding just enough Scottish-sounding folk into the song to make it exactly what's desired for the film.

The track itself builds in power as it goes along, until the very end when only some nifty picking by the Mumford crew brings it to its conclusion.


Listen to Mumford and Sons With Birdy, 'Learn Me Right'

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