Last night (Aug. 12) at the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony, Muse performed ‘Survival,’ the official song for this year’s Olympic games. However, their energized and highly anticipated performance -- as well as performances by Ray Davies, Kate Bush and the Who -- was cut from the NBC telecast that aired in the U.S., and music fans were sure to voice their disappointment.

Disgruntled viewers used social media as a way to express their frustration with the network. A slew of negative comments immediately appeared on Twitter, accompanied by the hashtag "#NBCfail." A particularly upset tweeter made the following comment: "Did they not know that Muse did the OFFICIAL SONG OF THE LONDON 2012 GAMES? UGH. #NBCFail." Another wrote, "Shame on you NBC for skipping Muse. Shame shame on you. #nbcfail."

Fans have also been sharing their feelings on the matter by way of scathing comments on Facebook and YouTube -- though video footage of their 2012 Olympics performance has now been removed.

This isn’t the first time an act that many viewers were looking forward to was left out of an NBC Olympics broadcast. A similar issue reportedly occurred during the Olympics opening ceremony, when performances by the Arctic Monkeys and several other artists were replaced by advertisements.