Seattle is legendary for the music scene it spawned in the '90s. But that doesn't mean cool things aren't still happening there. Like the band My Goodness.

The group's new album, 'Shiver + Shake,' combines the solid rock crunch of Soundgarden and Nirvana while injecting it all with the bluesy melodies found in songs by the Black Keys and Band of Skulls.

Check out our exclusive premiere of the album, which comes out on June 24.

"We really wanted 'Shiver + Shake' to have a very raw, yet crisp, feel," says singer and guitarist Joel Schneider. "To achieve this, we recorded all of the initial instrumentation and vocals at the same time and with final sounds. I think sonically this lends to it being a great representation of our live show."

If you're looking for songs to get down to, 'Pay No Mind' and 'Cold Feet Killer' will get you on your feet in no time. But not all of the album relies on heavy rock. Tracks like 'Bottle' and 'Lost in the Soul' ride on some gentle strumming, approaching more singer-songwriter territory at times.

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