Neil Young refuses to let time become a roadblock as he announces his second release this year; set for release on Nov. 4, 'Storytone' follows 'A Letter Home' a mere six months later. Judging from the first preview of the album, it also follows a much different path than its predecessor.

On 'Storytone,' Young is backed by a 92-piece orchestra, a far cry from the recording booth approach of ' A Letter Home,' but as always with Young, expect the unexpected. He does not play one note of music on the entire album.

No guitar. No piano.

"It's the most different thing that I've ever attempted," Young told Rolling Stone recently. The album was recorded the old fashioned way that artists like Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett used to record: live with no overdubs. ''He took himself out of his comfort zone,'' said album co-producer Michael Bearden. "'He basically told us to do what we felt."

Ever the seeker, Young has no plans of slowing down, noting, "I don't think I've accomplished enough, but it's been a really good trip so far."

Neil Young ‘Storytone’ Track Listing
1. ‘Plastic Flowers’
2. ‘Who’s Gonna Stand Up?’
3. ‘I Want to Drive My Car’
4. ‘Glimmer’
5. ‘Say Hello to Chicago’
6. ‘Tumbleweed’
7. ‘Like You Used to Do’
8. ‘I’m Glad I Found You’
9. ‘When I Watch You Sleeping’
10. ‘All Those Dreams’

Listen to Neil Young's 'Who's Gonna Stand Up?'