Attentive music-lovers who are also moviegoers may have recognized a familiar singing voice if they attended 'Jeff, Who Lives at Home,' which opened nationwide this weekend. A new song by Beck, 'Looking for a Sign,' is featured at some point in the comedy, which stars Jason Segel, Ed Helms and Susan Sarandon.

Neither a video nor an mp3 of the song is available. In fact, we don't even know if a soundtrack from the film will be made available. We only know about this through a post on Beck's website. Hopefully that will change soon, because we love hearing new music from Beck.

Our research into the song led us to this post on Squidoo that says that the soundtrack also features the Respectables, Robert Walter and the Acorn. Unfortunately, the score also includes 'Two Princes' by the Spin Doctors, because apparently it's now the law that every indie comedy has to have some ironic use of a 20-year old song that everybody hates.

Beck has been busy lately. He recently remixed 'How Come You Never Go There' by Feist. He will also be headlining the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York on June 24. Other performers at the festival will be Passion Pit, Modest Mouse, Fiona Apple and James Murphy and Pat Mahoney.

Stil, we've embedded below the trailer for 'Jeff, Who Lives at Home', which, thankfully, doesn't feature the Spin Doctors. Maybe one of the songs in there is the Beck song, but, to be honest, we're not sure.

Watch the Trailer for 'Jeff, Who Lives at Home'