To be clear for the uninitiated, that's New Found Glory in the picture above, and that's not New Found Glory in the video for 'Ready and Willing' below.

The seminal Florida pop-punk outfit poke fun at boy bands, the music industry and (as always) themselves in the clip that features teen pop versions of the band members -- each of whom make cameos as baristas, security guards and photographers.

Guitarist Chad Gilbert (also known as the significant other of Paramore's Hayley Williams) said in a statement: "The video is really about making fun of us. The guys are better looking and younger. It's just a fun take if New Found Glory was a young pop band in a parallel universe! We also wanted to try and trick some people into thinking that was us."

Gilbert also said the song is a personal one to him. "['Ready and Willing'] is one of the most meaningful songs we've written as a band," he said. "It starts with having a dream and the chances of success being really slim, but you're willing to risk it all to do it. Then further down the line, feeling uninspired and questioning everything you've given up and [asking], 'Was it all worth it?' Then you go back and listen to old records and rediscover why you did it in the first place. And in the end, [it's about] challenging people to inspire others to not be afraid to risk it all to do what you love."

The song comes from New Found Glory's upcoming eighth full-length, 'Resurrection,' due out Oct. 7 via Hopeless.

New Found Glory -- 'Ready and Willing' Official Video