Producer extraordinaire Nigel Godrich's new band Ultraista (that was unveiled last month) has released a video. The track is called 'Static Light,' and both the song and the accompanying video clip are really quite stunning.

'Static Light' is the second offering we've heard from Ultraista, which features session drummer Joey Waronker and vocalist Laura Bettinson alongside Godrich, who is best known for his production work with Radiohead, Beck and Paul McCartney.

Not surprisingly, 'Static Light' sounds like it could be a recent-era Radiohead track -- something off 'In Rainbows' or last year's 'The King of Limbs,' perhaps, but with a dancier, almost Stereolab-like vibe. The accompanying video is an avant garde moving collage of vividly distorted pictures morphing into pixelated color boxes and back. Trippy!

The 24-year-old Laura Bettinson, formerly known as Dimbleby and Capper and now recording under the name Femme, previously worked with Godrich while a student at London's Goldsmiths College. "Nigel is a challenge," she told eGigs. "He pushes very hard and harder until he gets the results he wants."

If what he wants is anywhere close to what we want, it sounds like he got it with 'Static Light' -- we sure did.

Watch the Ultraista 'Static Light' Video