Being that Nirvana is one of the most influential alternative rock outfits of our time, any rare early photographs of the band are somewhat of a treasure. Maggie Poukkula, a friend of Kurt Cobain's daughter Frances Bean Cobain, has shared a photo strip of images of Nirvana's first-ever concert, a house show which took place in March 1987 in Raymond, Washington. You can view some of the images below:

Maggie is the daughter of Tony Poukkula, who is not only a member of Seattle band Laytem, but he grew up with Cobain and hosted this first gig in his basement. He had also played with Nirvana that day, as you can see in the photos. Aaron Burckhard was the band's drummer at the time.

Regarding the photos, Maggie told Rolling Stone, "I had no idea that those were during Nirvana's first concert ... My dad showed me them a while back, but he never mentioned that's what was going on in the photos. I found out because of all the articles. I didn't realize it was such a historical thing. I thought they were just cool pictures of my dad and Kurt jamming together."

You can listen to a lo-fi recording of the band performing "If You Must" at that fateful gig below:

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