Nobody, Ever are made up of dudes that look like the bartenders of the club you're supposed to be seeing the band in. But once the four-piece get up onstage, they lay it all on the line, cracking skulls with righteous amounts of sludgy rock. And you, the unassuming audience member, stand there totally slayed by the guy that made you a vodka tonic 15 minutes prior.

The Leicester, U.K., punk group are completely unpretentious and wear their influences on their sleeves. 'Pinkerton'-era Weezer, and Sebadoh are heavily sourced for the band's new release 'This Wall Is Dedicated to Liam and His Mates.'

We're not sure who Liam was, but we know he would've enjoyed the concoction of post-emo and hardcore that Nobody, Ever have developed. Their single 'Delete That' exudes crunchy '90s production value, and lyrically, it examines the pitfalls of living digitally.

"The song is about not dealing with shit properly; awkwardness, insomnia, depression -- and getting stuck in a rut, using whatever you can as a crutch. It's a total party banger," the band tells

Download 'Delete That' below and think twice before you send that next SnapChat.

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