During a panel discussion for BBC Four’s What Ever Happened to Rock ‘n’ Roll? special, Noel Gallagher said rock music is in “hibernation” -- largely at the hands of record labels that no longer sign working-class bands.

“In theory, the internet and YouTube should be helping new bands get off the ground but it hasn’t -- it got worse,” Gallagher said (via NME). “The record labels just aren’t interested in working-class bands anymore.”

The former Oasis guitarist said that while rock ‘n’ roll hasn’t quite jumped the shark yet -- which Gallagher, of course, takes some credit for -- he argues that it needs to make some serious changes to maintain its relevance.

“[Rock ‘n’ roll is not dead] as long as I’m still going, it’s f---ing not,” he said. “It’s there but it’s certainly lacking the regeneration process.”

“Since the Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Razorlight and the Libertines, there has been nothing,” he continued. “You name me one band since them. So that’s 10 years ago. So the evidence is that it is kind of in hibernation.”

Gallagher dropped Chasing Yesterday, his sophomore album with his High Flying Birds, earlier this year. Recently, he said he’s already started work on a follow-up.

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