While sales of vinyl LPs are at the highest point in two decades both in the U.S. and U.K., Noel Gallagher isn't so sure the trend will last.

The former Oasis leader and notable curmudgeon recently opened up on the topic while discussing the fact that his latest solo album, Chasing Yesterday, was named the U.K.'s best-selling vinyl album of 2015. Gallagher told Q (via NME), "Yeah I know, unbelievable isn't it? For the people who still want to buy and own music, for me to be sat at the top of that list really is great. Until you look at how many people are actually buying it and it's like a thousand albums! F----g hell, I've probably got more than a thousand sat in my office right now. But it's the streaming thing, there will be no record sales by the end of the decade, I think... That's the way music is going now though, for me anyway, I'm more into tracks."

And how does Gallagher learn about new music? "I'm reliant on Paul Weller," he said. "I don't know what he does, he must listen to f---ing independent radio all the time because he's forever on the phone to me all the time saying, 'Have you got all this? Check this out, check that out.'"

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