Drunk people often feel comfortable being familiar with people they don't know. Sometimes this leads to new bonds of friendship -- assuming both parties are drunk and feeling jovial.

Other times, this drunken familiarity is unwelcome, and the offending party is met with hostility. Such was the case for one drunk NOFX fan who tried to share frontman Fat Mike's stage space.

The fan jumped onstage during the band's set at the Enmore Theater in Sydney, Australia, and tried to put his arm around Fat Mike's neck. Fat Mike, who'd complained about neck pains earlier in the show, immediately reacted with a Guile-from-Street-Fighter-II-style back fist that dropped the unlucky fan to the ground. The fan then caught Fat Mike's boot with his face before being lifted up and escorted off the stage.

Fat Mike followed up with his own apology and offered to buy the fan a beer at the band's next Australian show:

The fan seems to have summed up the mishap with one last tweet on the matter: