With all the renewed interest in Oasis' first album this week, this newly released footage of the band is a bit of a treat. It features Oasis playing 'Cigarettes and Alcohol,' just days after their first single, 'Supersonic,' hit the airwaves. It's a rare glimpse into the band's live sets before they started playing big stadium shows and became untouchable rock celebrities.

Frontman Liam Gallagher even then had the same deadpan approach to fronting the band onstage. In the video, he holds his iconic hands-behind-his-back pose that fans have come to expect. He manages to look incredibly bored for the few seconds between the times when he's singing, only to deliver his vocals with the unique enthusiasm that helped make the band so popular. Despite the amateur quality of the video, the sound is surprisingly good. The guitars, drums, bass and vocals all come through clearly. The guitars sound especially raucous and kick-ass.

The band is releasing remastered versions of their first three albums to mark those albums' 20th anniversaries. 'Definitely Maybe' is already available. Fans can pick up a deluxe three-CD version full of B-sides and other stuff most casual fans probably won't listen to. But the big version should look good in people's CD collections. (People still have those, right?) It's also available on vinyl for audio purists. The next two albums will come out sometime in the future, presumably on their respective 20-year anniversaries.

Liam recently stirred the rumor pot up via Twitter when he tweeted out the band name letter by letter. Since then, it's seemed a possibility that the Gallagher brothers might bury the hatchet long enough to play the Glastonbury music festival this year. Glastonbury co-organizer Emily Eavis denied this rumor, tweeting that Oasis are not playing this year. But fans might hold on to some small amount of hope, as the third headlining spot remains unfilled.