Most music fans tend to associate OK Go with their complex, interwoven music videos. We've seen them on treadmills, with dancing dogs and lots of paint, and even with an extensive Rube Goldberg machine -- kinda like the one used in the old Mouse Trap game but way more epic.

So it;s no surprise that their new video for 'Writing on the Wall' is something you need to see. It looks like the band is back in the same warehouse used for the Goldberg contraption found in the 'This Too Shall Pass' video. You can watch it above.

This time a bunch of Felice Varini-style objects and camouflage scenery is used to create different optical illusions as each band member appears before the screen mouthing the words to the song. The video also features lots of paint in the face ... again. (Hey, it worked once, right?)

The catchy song seems a bit more mellow, trancey and dance-inspired than what we're used to from OK Go's usual in-your-face blasts of power-packed indie rock. Maybe because it's about a couple that's about to break up. After nearly three weeks and 50 takes of the video, the clip finally ends with everyone clapping ... just like last time!

The band's new album, 'Hungry Ghosts,' is due out in October. And here's their buzzworthy treadmill video for 'Here It Goes Again' -- the one that got it all started: