Hot on the heels of the fantastic new album, Danger in the Club, Palma Violets made a recent stop at the AV Club to take part in their ongoing Undercover project, where bands tackle a variety of other people's songs.

The task at hand for the Violets was to whip up a rendition of the 1993 hit by James, "Laid." At first it may seem the ragged sounds of London's Palma Violets and the slicker pop of Manchester's James might be a mismatch, but they grab hold of the tune and twist it into their own by adding just the right amount of grit. You can compare it with the James original below:

"Laid" was a big college radio and MTV hit for James back in 1993, helping to establish the band in the pre-Britpop era. Danger in the Club, released a few months ago, has been gathering rave reviews for Palma Violets.

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