Parquet Courts frontman Andrew Savage has designed the artwork for all four of his band's albums — counting the one album they released as Parkay Quarts — and the product has always been good, since Savage studied painting at the University Of North Texas before committing to the band full-time. This month, his art will take center stage once again as Savage is preparing to host his first solo art exhibition, called Color Studies 2015.

The show will consist of silk screen work that Savage has completed in 2015. He said of the upcoming exhibition:

I called the show Color Studies because I wanted to focus on colors that don’t appear in my palette often; you’ll find a lot of salmon pink and pastel colors — basically stuff I’ve been afraid to use because I wasn’t quite sure how. I like images that are familiar and ordinary, but hinged on an unsettling emotion.

The exhibition will run from July 10 until Sept. 1 at the Shop at 181 Howard Avenue in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, New York, with a reception on the opening night. Find more information about the exhibition here. Parquet Courts have concerts sprinkled throughout the rest of the year, including a European tour.

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