Paul Cook traveled to Sweden to take a breather from nonstop recording, but while he was there, he found inspiration for 'Volume Three,' the penultimate entry in a four-album series he began rolling out last fall.

Due out Aug. 12, a mere six months after the release of ‘Volume Two,' this latest disc stays true to the English singer-songwriter’s mellow, stripped-down style, one that's earned him comparisons to Paul Simon, Elliott Smith and Neil Young.

Get a taste of the new album with today’s free MP3, ‘I’ll Forgive You.’ According to Cook, the sweet acoustic ballad was the first song he wrote on his would-be vacation, and as you might expect, it's about learning how to forgive.

“‘I’ll Forgive You’ was the first track I wrote for ‘Volume Three,’” he tells “It was penned when I was supposed to be in Sweden taking a break, but it’s typical that when you have time on your hands, your brain can put together all those puzzle pieces from the past year’s relationships.”

“This track is about me coming to terms with a situation I blamed someone else for,” he adds.

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