Paul Weller, former frontman of the Jam and the Style Council, is currently prepping his 13th solo record, which is expected to come out in next spring. It's going to be called A Kind Revolution and features a host of guest contributors, including Boy George and Robert Wyatt.

The fansite Paul Weller News has a scan of a page from the new issue of Uncut that gives the details. "The album title is from a song called 'The Cranes Are Back,' he tells them. "It's a gospel piano tune. Yeah, it's a reaction to how the world is. In some cultured, when cranes -- the birds -- are back, it's a sign of good fortune. But I was also thinking about the mechanical cranes, when you see them back in the city, it normally means industry and business is starting up again. It's a song of hope, really."

George's cameo is on "One Tear," which Weller describes as "quite housey. George sings the first verse and then he comes in on the chorus. Our voices sound really good together." Wyatt sings and plays a trumpet solo on "She Moves With the Fair," while British-based '60s soul singers Madeline Bell and PP Arnold contribute backing vocals to "Woo Se Mama," which opens A Kind Revolution.

Weller added that he's been "very creative this year," noting a few side projects, including the soundtrack to a film called Jawbone that is expected to be released in February or March, and that he's already working on his next record.

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