The multimedia streak continues for Pixies, who have released a video for 'Another Toe In the Ocean.' The resurgent alt-rock greats have now commissioned visual accompaniments for all four songs on their recent 'EP-1' collection, though this latest clip shares little in common with the three that came before.

Written and directed by the Romanian animation firm ReeAnimation, 'Another Toe In the Ocean' is a 2-D cartoon adventure featuring a protagonist who bears more than a passing resemblance to Pixies frontman Black Francis. In 3:49, our hero faces a world of trouble, but after running off a building, getting bombed by jet planes and losing the object of his affections to a more macho suitor, he goes for a swim that seems to set him right. Unless it's a metaphor for alcoholism, in which case the final scenes probably don't represent a happy ending.

In other Pixies news, the group has announced a replacement for bassist Kim Shattuck, who stepped in earlier this year to sub for departed founder Kim Deal. Joining Francis, guitarist Joey Santiago and drummer Dave Lovering on the road next month will be the outfit's first non-Kim bassist, Paz Lenchatin, a veteran of such acts as ZWAN, A Perfect Circle and the Entrance Band.

"We are really looking forward to playing with her on these dates," Lovering said in a statement. "Working with different bass players is very new for the band, but we're having a great time doing it."

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