The Pixies had a pretty successful comeback last year, and now it looks like they're going to stick around for a little while. The college radio darlings visiting Rolling Stone recently, where they discussed many things, including plans for a new album and how much they like new bassist Paz Lenchatin. And of course, they talked about former bassist Kim Deal for a bit.

In between all the chatter, the Pixies played a couple of stripped-down songs, including a not-as-loud-as-normal version of "Planet of Sound" (below) and a brand-spankin' new song called "Um Chagga Lagga" (above).

"It's a French truck-driving song, about the seedier side of life on the road," Black Francis says about the new tune. "It's like going down the Bouches-du-Rhône, the Languedoc, and it's truck stoppy. It's about the things that happen at truck stops and gas stations and cornfields."

When the subject of band chemistry came up, guitarist Joey Santiago, who seems disinclined to giving straight answers, said it all comes down to taste in movies. He mentioned the band's love of the Jack Black children's movie, Nacho Libre. Francis said that movie might be why Deal is no longer with the band:

Well, look, Kim Deal's not in the band anymore, and I think we kind of touched on really the heart of the matter. We like the Nacho Libre, and she was not into it. She knew. She knew, as soon as we saw it and we were all like, 'Yeah! Two thumbs up!'

 According to the interview, the Pixies are working on a dozen or so new songs; Francis said that the band is still trying to find their sound. While they decide, you can watch them play "Planet of Sound" below:

The Pixies are touring the U.S. until June 21. You can check out their upcoming dates at their website. And you can read the full interview with Rolling Stone here.