After giving us two songs from Head Carrier, the Pixies have now released a proper video for the third. You can watch the animated clip for "Tenement Song" above.

The video was created by Krank! Collective, who are based in Manchester, England and Berlin, Germany. In it, a rat is our guide through a decrepit high-rise apartment building. Babies are crawling across the floor as a poker game takes place, with bodily organs being used as chips. On another floor, the rat bursts through a shower head while a person is washing up. There's a crazy cat lady, a person vomiting out the window and all sorts of illicit activity going on. At the end, the building gets blowed up real good.

Head Carrier is being released on Sept. 30, and "Tenement Song" follows "Um Chagga Lagga" and "Talent" as tracks they've previewed. It's their second album since they reunited over a decade ago and their first with new bassist Paz Lenchantin. Last week, lead singer Frank Black said that her arrival has invigorated the band.

“She’s very excited to be in our midsts,” he said. “We kinda, especially me, had to lose any kind of tired cynicism we might have about the whole thing. You don’t want to project that onto some new person that’s all excited to be in our band. We gotta be like, ‘Oh, yes! All right! Here we go!’ It’s been nice to be like, ‘This is an exciting time and we’ve got something positive going on here.'”

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