Placeholder are a band of dudes from Harrisburg, Pa., that specialize in hardcore, post-punk and emo rock. And they do it really damn well.

Their new album 'I Don't Need Forgiveness' was recorded and engineered by Justin Pizzoferrato, whose credits include Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth, and it really shows.

There's '90s-ness all over the album, especially on single 'Slow Down,' which begins with aggressive tomtom work and a scuzzy chord progression reminiscent of Pearl Jam circa 'Ten.'

"This song was the first song written for 'I Don't Need Forgiveness,' and I think it's fitting," the group tells "The theme of this song is all about hesitation and placing blame where it shouldn't be. Two things we/I went through after member changes and a slow period in our band last year."

If you're in the mood to look through high school pictures stashed in some forgotten drawer of your childhood bedroom, throw eggs at your stupid neighbor, drive real fast or just break s--- in a barn, this tune's for you. Download it below, why don't ya!

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