Seattle trio Police Teeth bring in spades what we love most about Seattle rock: noise. From the first few distorted strokes of their new self-titled record, the band evoke Sonic Youth, Archers of Loaf and maybe a little Les Savy Fav. Today they bring us a gem of a single, 'Emmanuelle in Renton.'

Police Teeth have described their tunes as possessing a "lyrical smirk." Speaking with about the new single, they elaborate on that idea.

"The lyrics to this song were inspired by a real neighbor that our drummer had as a kid in the Seattle area," Police Teeth tell us. "The head of the household was super creepy and had a room in his house that neither his wife nor his two daughters were ever allowed in. Eventually, they got divorced, and when his wife went into the room, there was nothing left in it at all, and no one knows what ever was in it that he kept from his family. We also wrote this song in the studio when we had extra time while recording the record, and the take on the record is the third or fourth time we'd ever played it."

Maybe that spontaneity is part of what makes it sound fresh. Grab 'Emmanuelle in Renton' below.

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