It appears that Portishead's Geoff Barrow can't seem to let this one go. Last year, the trip-hop group's multi-instrumentalist/spokesman went on the attack against the Weeknd, who he claims stole part of the Portishead track 'Machine Gun' for his song 'Belong to the World.'

The Weeknd (Canadian artist Abel Tesfaye, if you need to know these sorta things) pretty much was cleared from any wrongdoing. You can listen to both songs below and decide for yourself.

The matter seemed to have been settled and dead until this morning, when Barrow posted a letter on his Twitter -- calling it "Part 1 of 'No Infringement'" -- from the Weeknd's management, who apparently requesting use of the sample prior to Portishead denying the request.

At least Barrow was thoughtful enough to black out the manager's info, although you could probably find it online if you wanted to. There's no word on whether or not Barrow intends to pursue this further or if he'll just drop it.

Either way, the letter sure throws things back to his side.

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