The Postal Service have sort of confirmed that they are reuniting ... if the words "The Postal Service 2013" slapped against a black background on their official website is all the evidence needed to prove that they are indeed coming out of retirement. The reunion may only consist of some live shows, but who cares about the details right now? This sole sign of life should be enough to excite the group's diehard fans.

Consequence of Sound points out that a recent report surfaced indicating that Ben Gibbard (who also fronts Death Cab for Cutie) and Jimmy Tamborello would be resurrecting the Postal Service for some sort of collaboration. It was suggested that a Coachella appearance this spring might be the extent of their 2013 activity, because Gibbard recently said that "there are no plans to make a new record."

Gibbard expressed a distaste for relying on machines like computers to create new music,  preferring to pick up an instrument with his hands instead. He said, "I find that making music in computers involves a lot of mouse time … I don’t have an aesthetic for that… I’m much more interested in playing music than creating it."

At this point, the Postal Service leave us with no concrete details about what their plans are in 2013 beyond a spare graphic, so we can only speculate that it'll be live appearances, as opposed to new music, given Gibbard's rather firm "don't get your hopes up" statements. Unless, of course, he had a complete and total change of heart.

So don't 'Give Up,' Postal Service fans! Any news is good news. Remember, it took their debut album 'Give Up' 10 years to go platinum, so there's always hope that they can dust this project off and reboot it further.